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Kellie Lane

Hi Everyone my name is Kellie aka Zelzie.
I discovered lchf in September 2015 when a friend of mine couldn’t work out why I wasn’t losing weight even though I was training (boxing & Muay Thai) 4-5times a week. I was doing weight watchers cand couldn’t budge the weight more then 8 kgs. He was talking to a mutal friend of ours who had lost 20 kgs and all he said was google lchf……thats when my life changed. I ended up losing over 18kgs. I went from 119.4kgs to 100.5kgs. I thought for the 1st time in over 20 years i wouldn’t sabotage myself again and be able to get over my 100kg fear and would finally do it, boy was I wrong. There were some issues at work and I ended up putting almost all my weight back on back to anout 114kgs. I restarted about 3 weeks ago, haven’t had the same weight loss results but Im doing this because I know how much better I feel, I know the health benefits, no asthma, more energy, more alert, better skin, more motivation, no anxiety….the list goes on. So I thought I would join Ketofast to help me refocus and to achieve those health benefits again and shift the weight as well.
Looking forward to being apart of the ketofast family
Cheers Kellie