Reply To: Five Days yeah


Kellie Lane

So I started lchf about 4 weeks ago. I didn’t weigh myself to start but I’m pretty spot on with how much I weight when I get on the scales.
I was about 114kgs when I had weighed myself in April after coming back from Fiji. So in about 4 weeks I have lost 2kgs and that was just the water weight at the beginning. I haven’t budged from 112kgs.
But today is the start of my 3rd day on KetoFast… I was 111.1kgs haha almost a 1 kg lost in 2 days.
What I have realized is my portions where just too big. I’m not one to follow a meal plan or even really cook fancy meals, but OMG KetoFast is so easy, so simple and so yummy. Thank you K K Akarana for adding me to your Keto in Alice group first of all and introducing us to Matt and Thank You Matt Straight for creating such a great KetoFast program.