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    Karina Akarana

    Hi I just want to thank Matt Straight for allowing me to be a part of this amazing study.

    My name is Karina and I am 39 years of age. Diagnosed breast cancer survivor 2013 & 2016 height approx 173cm and weight today 98.7kg.

    On February 1st 2017 i weighed in at 111.7kg and the very day I started the ketogenic lifestyle (lazy as I didn’t weigh or monitor my foods) after googling a lifestyle without sugar and carbohydrates for cancer diagnostics. (Group Photo with my netball team)

    That search found me the Ketogenic lifestyle and that very day I went cold turkey and gave up simple & complex carbohydrates, sugar (processed and natural) bread, pasta, rice, soft drinks, cakes, lollies & chocolate.

    I got thru the week, yeah I got this, this ain’t hard. Then week two came and I felt like I got hit by a truck 🚚 I had flu like symptoms and I thought I was getting tonsillitis and a severe flu 😷

    Booked in to see the doctor πŸ‘¨β€βš•οΈ he did my obs, did my blood pressure said it’s possibly a viral infection asked me if there was any changes in my lifestyle and I told him what I was doing and he told me ” Karina it’s your body adjusting to the change and dropping toxins it once relied on to function” he told me it will pass in due time I needed to keep up my electrolytes and water intake and start working on my menu for my new body lifestyle.

    3-5 days later I was a new woman, woke up with a clearer head no foggy morning brain, I got up and got out of my pjs early and started to prepare my day early. That was the very day I said “I will never go back to the lifestyle I once lived”

    Matt will now guide me to living this lifestyle permanently and I’m super proud that I got chosen and asked to participate.

    For those on here that are still a little unsure, I’m living proof it works and it works immediately so be prepared to see early changes.

    Don’t be scared or nervous 😩 as we have one of the best nutritionist trialling and testing each bit of this lifestyle.

    You may struggle earlier with the transition but it will get easier.

    Talk, ask questions and ask for help when you feel you need it.

    Get excited, as if you stick with this program the results will be evident.

    ❀️ Karina x

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    Allan Visitacion

    Hi Karina,
    You are such an inspiration!

    Claire xo

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    Matt Straight

    Hi Karina!
    Thank you for sharing so openly. You really are as Claire says, an inspiration and its great to have you as part of the KETOFAST community.
    Keep on doing all the great things you are doing.

    All the best
    Matt πŸ™‚

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    Kellie Lane

    Thanks for being so inspiring Karina

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