Week 1 done and dusted!

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    As week 1 comes to an end I am enjoying the new found energy! The food is amazing, easy to follow, tastes great and the whole family can enjoy.
    I have found the fasting days not too difficult especially if you keep busy and keep up the water, when I feel hungry during fasting I have a green tea which I have found helps!

    I did a “Matt Spin” class yesterday morning, full of energy, track 1 and I was in the red (rare for me!) Although half way through the class I did feel slightly light headed and my throat hurt as though I was running in cold weather – this was a fasting day . Completed the class, had a power nap and felt great for the rest of the day.
    So at the end of week 1 I have lost 4.4kgs, feel fantastic and more energised! I do miss my guilty pleasures but enjoy seeing results so much more 😀

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