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    My 1st Week of Ketofast & Exercise.

    I love to exercise! I gain so much from it. This is my normal workout routine for the week & I have been consistently going to morning 1 hour classes for the last 9 months. I usually drink a caffeine drink in the early morning & a protein shake after workout. This week I did not have the caffeine or protein shake.

    Monday-Power Yoga. This class is filled with fast moves & long holds-not a typical yoga class. At the beginning of class, I felt a bit tired. Almost like I was dragging a bit. I felt a bit lightheaded when I came up quickly from the floor. So grateful for the last 10 min of class of meditation. I was thirsty during class which I never am. After class, I felt calm yet lightheaded. Kinda weird not to have a little snack after class. I was tired after lunch. Around 3:30pm I had a headache and was tense.

    Tuesday-Glute 60. Lots of floorwork. I felt tired & thirsty during class. I kept thinking about working out while fasting. Is it good or not good for me. I made it through class which ended with weighted lunges. After class, I was thirsty and not jittery. I was excited to prep for lunch & break the fast. I was fine after lunch. Same headache & tension happened around 3:30 until I had afternoon snack.

    Wednesday-Body Combat. Here’s the true test, this class. Still not drinking any caffeine or having protein shakes. Sticking to the meal plan, so had a a lovely breakfast. During class, I had amazing energy. I never hold back when I work out, since its my “me time”. I went up effort percentage-wise on MYZONE. After class, I was crazy thirsty and not jittery. Complete surprise! In fact, the rest of the day, my energy levels remained stable. I never experienced a drop or period of tiredness the rest of the day. This was my eye-opening day. No headaches or tension at all.

    Thursday-Foam Rolling. Was suppose to meet for PT session but was canceled. I spent the time foam rolling my legs and hips. I was definitely sore from the class on Wednesday. My mind is clear & my energy is up. I am baffled with the energy results. Still fasting but not too bothered by it. No headaches or tension all day. Consistent energy all day!

    Friday-Body Combat. Still very excited about whats happening to my body already. Clearly sticking to the meal plan is key. Need to give myself a shot and do exactly as stated. Lots of energy for class. I could think clearly. Had to refill water bottle twice during class. According to MYZONE, I increased my effort percentage by 4% and burned an extra 100 calories from last Friday’s class. No caffeine or protein shake and I feel great! No jitters afterward class either. No feeling sick afterwards either. My mind is clear. I had consistent energy the rest of the day-no dips!

    Saturday-took a break to be with family!

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    Matt Straight

    Hi Vanesa! Thank you for sharing your first week experience on the Ketofast program! It is so good to hear that your energy levels are up and more consistent. The weight loss people experience is great, but it’s how you feel every day that is more important.

    Keep up the great work!

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