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    Karina Akarana

    I’ve had a tough start to week 2 felt amazing after a awesome week 1 Centrelink decided to cancel my sickness benefit so I haven’t received money in 2 weeks because my specialist forgot and didn’t complete my forms in time so I have to resubmit the whole benefit again even tho I’ve been on it since October. I had my doctors appointment with my oncologist and he wants to add more medication for prevention and reoccurrence ontop of the 4 already medications including an anti depressant I’m already on, breast cancer has changed me mentally emotionally and physically hence why I started Ketogenics, I’m so scattered and my head is full of so much info and I feel like the only thing that is working for me right now is Matt’s menu so there’s always a positive somewhere out of the negatives.

    I’m still on track tho and I’m following the plan, had to switch a few meals around due to ingredients but the meals are still yours matt.

    I’m lacking in the water department these last few days so need to get up in that, tho I’m feeling a lot better following this program I’m excited for the weeks meals and loving this guidance and group a lot. I hope I get to meet you all after we are done ✅

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    Matt Straight

    Hey Karina! Sorry to hear you are having such a rough run in your life right now.

    In times like this, we sometimes need to just focus on what we can control, and what you eat and the attitude you take is a choice. You have clearly chosen to maintain a positive attitude and eat the foods that are not only going to make you feel good now, but help prevent the cancer coming back.

    Stay strong and keep us updated.
    All the best

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