Get Into Ketosis

Get Into Ketosis

KETOFAST combines the amazing benefits of a very low carb, moderate protein and high fat diet with three days a week of intermittent fasting. This combination of eating styles has been proven to provide a host of substantial health benefits, as well as stimulate the loss of body fat faster and more safely than any other way of eating.

Contrary to what we have been led to believe since the early 1980s when the food pyramid came into existence, our bodies are not designed to consume excessive amounts of carbohydrates, and certainly not carbohydrates which have been refined or processed. When we reduce our carbohydrate intake to no more than around 30-40g per day, our bodies are forced to use a much cleaner burning fuel, Fat.

When our body converts from burning carbs to fat as its primary fuel source, our liver starts creating what’s called ketones. Our body becomes adapted to burning fat and this state is what we call “being in state of ketosis”. Being “in ketosis” provides us with constant energy whilst reducing our bodies own fat reserves. This is one of the reasons the KETOFAST program is so successful for rapid and safe weight loss.

Although carbohydrates are known for providing a quick source of energy, when we repeatedly consume and burn carbohydrates, acids are produced as a by-product. This causes inflammation within our body and arteries which is the catalyst for many diseases including heart disease, cancer, metabolic syndrome and diabetes.

In a “traditional” diet, once our carbohydrate stores become low, they need to be topped up again and again for us to maintain a regular source of energy. This constant topping up and burning off, makes our blood sugars violently spike and drop, forcing our pancreas to release insulin many times per day to flush sugar out of our blood and into our cells. This constant hammering of our pancreas can lead to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Insulin also being a hormone which forces fat into fat cells, makes us gain weight which can lead to obesity and cardiovascular issues.

After just ten days of starting the KETOFAST program, your body will become adapted to burning fat, providing you with consistent energy as our body’s own fat reserves are being burned for fuel.

You can easily test whether you are in ketosis by purchasing “Keto Sticks” from any pharmacy.