By Matt Straight

​Many athletes have found that their performance actually increased, among many other benefits as a result of making the dietary change from high carb to low carb/high fat. Reducing carbohydrate intake ultimately reduces inflammation in the body, allowing faster recovery, leading to less injuries and the ability to train longer and harder. Many athletes have been able to successfully extend their careers.

Significant sporting teams are also now implementing the Keto diet into their players routine including the Australian cricket team.

One of the most significant benefits of a high fat diet is the fact that the fat can be quickly metabolized into energy, providing the athlete with a fast, effective and constant source of energy for their workout or competition.

Another benefit of the KETOFAST program is being able to reduce body fat whilst maintaining muscle mass as well as being able to maintain a lean body weight in the off season.

The traditional high carb diet which has been the staple for athletes for decades, has many flaws. Firstly for the athletes general health, the repeated high consumption and burning of carbohydrates, creates huge spikes of blood sugar which in turn invokes an insulin release to flush the sugar out the blood and into our cells. This puts a lot of pressure on our pancreas and can cause insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Many endurance athletes have developed type two diabetes despite exercising regularly and eating what has been deemed as a “healthy” diet.

Secondly, although the consumption of carbohydrates provide a quick source of energy, they are quickly burned off and once stores are depleted, the athlete “hits the brick wall” and energy/performance levels very quickly drop. The average human can hold around 2000 calories from carbohydrates, making it a very limited source. In contrast, in a fat adapted athlete, after the fat calories are burned from what they have consumed, our body starts to use its 50,000 calorie fat reserve offering the athlete a consistent flow of energy, even in a fasted state.

The KETOFAST program provides an ideal meal plan and recipes for anyone who exercises or competes in endurance events.

People Who Trained Their Body to Burn Fat
"I'm sleeping better and my skin is a lot clearer. I feel healthier."
"The program has been sensational. I've lost about 5.9kg just 28 days."