By Matt Straight

When we eat carbs, they are very quickly burned off. Even after just a couple of hours of eating, we start to feel hungry again as our brains tell us its time to top up the carb tank. We then start to crave more carbs or sugary treats to restore our energy.

This is typical of what we would call a “Normal” diet and the reason why we always feel hungry and always crave more carbs to top up. The physiological response in our body when we consume high glycemic carbs or sugars, has been proven to have a very similar response as if you were to have taken an addictive drug such as cocaine. The consumption of sugary or high glycemic carbs stimulates the reward center of the brain, releasing dopermine, the feel good hormone. The only problem is that to maintain a “normal” feeling, we need to always have more and more to maintain the same feeling.
After just seven days of eating a ketogenic diet, when your body is depleted of carbs and is in ketosis, you will no longer feel hungry and cravings for carbs will simply disappear. When we eat a diet rich in good fats and moderate protein, we are left feeling full and satisfied with a constant source of energy.

Now that’s not to say that you wont occasionally feel like eating a piece of cheese cake or something sweet, but the constant cravings and time spent dreaming of what to eat will disappear and you can start focusing on your day.

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