"I've been on the program for 28 days and I have lost 5.1 kilos which is amazing in 28 days. I've also lost about just over 11 pounds and also about 29cm in total. "
Carol Farmer
"I've just completed the 28-day ketofast challenge. I'm pretty happy I'm 5 and a half kilos lighter and 30cm have been lost from my measurements. It feels pretty good."
Stu Todd
Week one finished onto week two! This week has been a great start and I’m loving this way of eating! It has already made a huge difference and I have lost over 6lbs eating the meals from the program. Cutting out the starchy carbs for me has been a blessing, absolutely loving the keto lifestyle and the different ways of preparing low carb meals. I love it! Thanks Matt, this is a great program. I love hearing and seeing everybody's journeys on the closed Facebook page. It is a great way to keep on track and stay motivated!
Leeanne Barber
The 28 day KETOFAST program has benefited me in several ways. First, I’ve lost almost 7 pounds and trimmed nearly 2 inches off my waistline. Now I can fit into pants I haven’t worn for years. Next, I feel better overall. I feel satisfied after meals, no longer craving snacks. I really notice my energy levels during the day is higher while following the KETOFAST plan.
David Ives
Having underactive thyroid for so long I never thought I could lose weight. It's always been a struggle so to lose 13.5lbs and 27 cms in just 28 days easily is incredible.Ketofast has changed me for the better.
With so many fad diets and mixed messages out there, it's hard to know who and what to believe. I decided to take a punt and ended up losing over 12lbs and 23.5cm in just 28 days and I couldn't be happier! The KETOFAST program was easy to follow, the food was delicious and my family loved it too. My husband also lost 11lbs and he didn't even know he too was following the plan! Matt sets you up for success with ongoing support, positivity, and commitment. With the support of Matt and the KETOFAST community on your side, all of your health and wellness goals are well within reach!
I have always been very active and exercised regularly but struggled to lose those last few kilos. When I was introduced to Ketofast I couldn’t wrap my head around eating fat to lose weight as I had always been taught that fat was the enemy. Within the first 4 weeks of following the Ketofast meal plans I had lost 4.1kg and continue to lose more each week. Ketofast suits my busy lifestyle, the recipes are easy to follow, quick to prepare plus they are extremely tasty.
Scott Sinclair