Ten Powerful Steps to Fight Cancer Naturally With Food

By Matt Straight

If you have cancer or know and care about  someone  who is suffering from  cancer, please read and share this article.  It could save a life or at least dramatically improve the quality of life of many. 

Unfortunately, we all know people close to us who have either had; or have sadly passed away from some form of cancer. When we think of cancer, we often think of it being a hereditary disease of which we have no control of and we are either lucky or unlucky to experience it. Contrary to belief, in most cases, cancer is not a hereditary disease which cannot be avoided. It is often an inward result of outward influences such as the foods we choose to eat and the lifestyle choices we make on a daily basis. When we consistently consume a diet consisting of nutritionally deficient processed foods, our cells are deprived of the right building blocks they need to duplicate and repair organ and muscle tissue. They also become weak and corrupted, making it harder for them to fight and eradicate diseased cells.

The result of ongoing nutritional deprivation is the mutation of cells which in turn, continue to multiply and spread. One corrupted cell turns into two, two to four and so on. This is the most common cause of cancer however the good news is that with the right knowledge, we can control how our body handles and protects us against cancer and degenerative diseases.

We now know that cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, however find it difficult survive in an alkaline environment. But how do we fight cancer and other degenerative diseases by making our bodies more alkaline?

What we choose to eat and drink on a daily basis can either increase  or decrease our bodies PH balance (Potential of hydrogen). Recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, how much sleep we get and environmental factors can all have a significant impact on our bodies PH balance.

An optimal PH level for good health is around 7. Above 7 is considered Alkaline and below 7 is considered acidic. If our bodies PH balance is running acidic and is too far below 7, our kidneys start to increase the amount of minerals they excrete via sweat and urine. This in turn leaves our cells, organs, tissue and bones deficient of important minerals. This deficiency in minerals prevents our cells from being able to properly dispose of waste and oxygenate our bodies properly. Therefor toxins and pathogens start to accumulate in our body which can suppress our immune system.

One of the most common causes for increased acidity is the regular consumption of sugar which we see a lot in a modern Western diet. Recent studies have also shown a direct link to sugar consumption and the increased pace of growth in cancerous tumours.   

Here is why: 
1. Tumours actually have their own insulin receptors and when we consume any form of sugar (including fructose), it gets quickly shuttled into the tumour. 

2. Glucose is energy and provides an abundance of building blocks which are used help the tumour to grow.  As discussed above, excessive sugar/glycogen in your blood will  make your body acidic, a perfect growing condition for cancer cells to thrive. When we break down sugars in the body, lactic acid is created as a bi-product. This makes your body even more acidic. 

3. Cancerous tumours  themselves,  create more acid by the way of lactic acid. 

However, cancer cells struggle to grow in an alkaline environment and even can decline.  

So what can you do? 

1. Avoid adding any form of sugar to your diet. This includes fruit juices, brown or raw sugar, honey, molasses, rice malt syrup and high fructose corn syrup  which is common in sodas and processed foods as well as sucrose from white table sugar.  

2. Limit foods which get broken down  into blood sugar very quickly. Eg. Pasta made from processed white flour  and water  get broken down almost immediately and although it doesn’t contain sugar, it converts to glycogen in the body and can fuel cancer cells.  

3. Never consume fruit juices. Yes they have  small amounts of vitamins and minerals and antioxidants, but they are also full of easy to absorb sugar by way of fructose.  Try restricting fruit consumption to a maximum of one piece per day or two small servings of berries. Only consume high fibre fruit such as apples and pears as the fibre slows down the absorption of sugar in the body. As fruit these days have very low amounts of vitamins, I recommend supplementing with  vitamins and minerals.  

4. Avoid any foods with a label  containing  more than one ingredient. If you do choose to eat processed foods, PLEASE  look at the label and see how much sugar has been added. This might be represented as sucrose, high fructose corn syrup,  glucose  or alcohol sugars. In a lot of cases,  “sugar”  will be listed, sneakily followed by  two or three  other ingredients  which  are also forms of sugar.  95% of processed foods will have sugar added to make  it taste better and tempt  you consume more. Increasing food manufacturer’s profits…  at the cost of your health. Even products like tomato soup  which  you certainly wouldn’t expect to contain sugar, often  contain  over five  teaspoons  per can.  Proceed with caution. All  the little bits  add up.  Breakfast cereals tend to be the worst false representation of a healthy food.  You should be aiming for a daily total sugar intake of less than 15g. 

5. Eat lots of leafy green  and cruciferous  vegetables  which  are high in chlorophyll and will increase your body’s PH balance. Wheat grass powder is also a great way of getting your greens and  increasing  your body’s PH  to make you more alkaline.  

6. Limit  your consumption of  beef, pork and lamb  to once or twice a week  and certainly no more than once per day. Try to eat mainly  wild caught  fish, free-range chicken/eggs or organic plant-based protein powders as your main sources of protein. When our stomach breaks down meat, it  creates more acid.  Totally avoid processed meats such as bacon, sausages and cold cut meats. Nitrates are often added to preserve processed meats which is a proven carcinogen. At the moment, it is not a legal requirement to list the words Sodium Nitrate or Potassium Nitrate on food packaging in words, but they can get away with just listing a number which the average consumer won’t understand. Avoid any food with numbers 249, 250, 251, 252 listed.

7. Limit coffee to one to two cups a day. Coffee increases acidity.  

8. Exercise regularly, but not to excess. Excessive exercise increases lactic acid production.  Exercising before and after chemo treatments has been shown to increase the effectiveness of the treatment. 

9. Make sure you get ample rest and recovery. When we are stressed or tired, our body’s  adrenal cortex secretes higher levels of cortisol. This will further increase stress levels which will mess with other hormones and  contribute to immunity dysfunctions. 

10. Buy some alkaline test strips to test your body’s PH levels. Optimal levels in saliva and urine are around 6.4-6.8 and if testing your blood, 7.3. If your body is running acidic, look at what you are eating and drinking and reduce high acidity foods and meats and increase your intake of alkaline foods. Make sure you are also drinking plenty of fresh filtered water. Being dehydrated can also increase acidity.

11. Bonus action step. Baking soda, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice all have a high alkalinity and are great way of reducing acidity and inflammation in your body. Start your day with a glass of room temperature filtered water and 1/3 – 1/2 tsp of baking soda. Do this daily and test your PH balance each day. If your body is still to acidic, then add some lemon juice to your drinking water and drink throughout the day. Test again after seven days and still if your body is too acidic, then add a daily dose of 1/2tsp of apple cider vinegar mixed in a half glass of water and drink through a straw so that the vinegar doesn’t affect the enamel on your teeth.

Sugar really is one of the largest factors contributing to our worlds rapidly increasing cases of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The simplest thing you can do to reduce your chances of getting one of these diseases is to avoid it completely. If you already have cancer, remove sugar from your diet and  I assure you that you will not only feel better, but you will also have a much better quality of life, as well as significantly improving your body’s ability to fight.  

It is no coincidence that as our sugar consumption has increased over the past  30 years, the  documented  cases of degenerative disease  has  also  risen at a comparative  rate. We now consume 35% less fat than we did  30 years ago, but our average sugar consumption has risen from 26lbs to 135lbs per year!  

We need to open our eyes and demand that food manufactures stop sneaking sugar into everything we eat. It’s making us sicker but  unfortunately  no one is standing up for our rights to  have more transparency and education about what is really in our food.  

You can make a stand by no longer supporting the big food manufacturers and stop  buying  their sugary  processed foods. Support your local farmers, eat real food  and learn  how  to fall in love with FOOD again!  

If you have or know and love  someone with cancer, please  help them  share this article.

This information needs to get out to help the people that need it.  

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