By Matt Straight

Over the past million years or so, human beings have evolved to not only survive, but thrive on foods high in fat, moderate in protein with occasional fibrous carbohydrates such as leafy greens. Foods which we could hunt or forage for. However after World War two, there was a desperate need for cheap, easy to grow food to feed the world.

Carbohydrates such as wheat and corn grew in abundance, was cheap to produce and had many applications. Knowing the profits that could be made, food manufacturers started to heavily promote carbohydrates as a great source of energy. The result has been an increase in diabetes, heart disease and other chronic diseases by over 50% since 1950. As the consumption of carbohydrate increased, so too did the rate of obesity. In the 1980s we were told that the reason for this startling increase of obesity was due to the consumption of fat… and lack of exercise. We saw a huge surge in the production of low fat foods where fat was removed and carbs, mainly sugars was increased. The fitness craze started with Jane Fonda releasing fitness programs you could do at home and health clubs started popping up everywhere.

Now despite people exercising more than they ever have before, and consuming far less fat than ever before, obesity levels have continued to soar, in fact tripling in some countries in just the past 30 years. However, we are still told that to maintain good health, we should eat mainly carbohydrates, moderate protein and low fat. Its clearly not working and 700,000 Americans die every year from heart disease alone, which could be prevented.

The definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result. And this is exactly what we are doing, but the cost is more than just failure, its disease or in a lot of cases death! Until we stop consuming refined carbohydrates as a staple in our diets and stop vilifying the word FAT, we will continue to get the same result. I encourage you, try this different way of eating, give fat a chance and see and feel the results for yourself. I also encourage you to get your blood sugars, triglycerides and cholesterol levels checked so you can see the real proof of the benefits of KETOFAST and share your story with me and the KETOFAST community.

I don’t think it is any coincidence that carbohydrates is the only one of three macronutrients which human beings can happily live without. It is a fact that we can not live without consuming Fat or Protein, however, we are designed to be able to survive and thrive with absolutely no carbohydrate intake.

If you restrict your carbs to around no more than 30-40g per day, your body will first switch from burning carbs as fuel to using your body fat reserves for energy. Secondly your body will start creating ketones as a byproduct of fat oxidisation which will supply your brain and body with an abundance of energy.

Contrary to belief, our brain does not need carbohydrates/glucose to function. Our brain not only performs well, but actually performs better running on ketones and if glucose is needed, our body is more than capable of producing it without ingesting any carbohydrates at all. The absence of carbohydrates, means the absence of spikes and throughs of blood sugar, allowing our brain to function consistently without experiencing any foggy moments. One of the main reasons why Military all over the world are experimenting with ketogenic diets.

So don’t believe the hype around carbohydrates. Humans have been performing poorly and getting fatter on carbohydrates for decades and it is time to change and feel the benefits. 

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