By Matt Straight

I quite often get asked why not many fruits are not allowed if following the Ketofast program.

Here are some of the key reasons.

Not that long ago, fruit was an occasional food, however now it is abundance and we tend to overeat it.

You see the sugar from fruit, fructose unlike glucose gets stored in the liver and can cause non alcoholic fatty liver if not burned off.

Fructose also suppresses the body’s ability to regulate Leptin which is the hormone that makes us feel full. So basically makes us hungrier.

Plus the carbs stops our body from utilising fat as a fuel as our body wont burn fat until 80% of stored carbs is burned off.

And finally, carbs, especially high glycemic carbs like watermelon and mangoes release sugar into our blood. Our pancreas then releases insulin to flush the sugar out of the blood and into cells. At the same time it also forces fat into fat cells. When the pancreas is constantly having to release insulin to deal with the regular consumption of carbs, it also creates insulin resistance which can cause type 2 diabetes, pancreas failure and metabolic syndrome.

Organic or not, sugar is sugar and unfortunately most fruit is loaded.

Just a few reasons why we eat low carb, high fat

People Who Trained Their Body to Burn Fat
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